Wordpress Blogging :
Wordpress Development is one of the leading open source blogging platforms.Wordpress Development is a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetic, web standard and usability. Wordpress features integrated link management, a search engine friendly, a clean permalink structure, multiple author capability and support for tagging of post and article. Acanthus Infotech have well qualified professional for Wordpress design, they also have wide range of experience in web designing using other web design tools. We build web applications, design and develop custom wordpress themes and plugins and build custom site using word press as a theme. If you were unable to find the help you needed in the Wordpress forums, my company does provide Wordpress Consulting Services feel free to let us know what you need and we can provide all the possible solution.
Wordpress Development :

Wordpress development has inspired hundred of plug-in and tools to customize your blog. We at Acanthus Infotech having specialized workers for providing best possible solution for Wordpress design related problems. For users with working knowledge of web technologies such HTML,CSS then so much the better they can very easily handle Wordpress. We at Acanthus Infotech using Wordpress to design most of our websites because there are plenty of plugins.Every one has different tastes about design but there are points to think about when you design your blog. We at Acanthus Infotech can provide the better solution when it comes to blog design. Wordpress has many features that overall provide ease of use and extensibility to user. Wordpress is used all over the world to make powerful blog with innovative solutions. At Acanthus Infotech we have team of designer who can make the effective utilization of tools available on Wordpress. Wordpress is ideal for experimenting with a distributed social network. It has a plug-in architecture that makes it easy to extend. One of the favorite things about Wordpress is the ability to easily add new functionality by installing a plugin.